lev|el1 [ `levl ] noun ***
▸ 1 amount
▸ 2 standard/status
▸ 3 part/stage of system
▸ 4 floor in building
▸ 5 for checking if flat
▸ 6 particular height
▸ 7 way of understanding something
1. ) count the amount of something, especially when it can be counted or measured:
Unemployment is now at its lowest level for 15 years.
level of: The level of inflation has continued to rise.
a high/low level: There is a very high level of crime in this area.
at a level: Interest rates will probably remain at the same level for a few more months.
a ) the amount of liquid there is in a container, which can be seen by how high the liquid is:
Check the level of the fluid in the tank.
Be careful not to let the oil level drop too much.
The river is at its highest level for several years.
b ) the amount of a chemical in another substance:
A simple blood test is used to measure the level of alcohol in the blood.
The study found very high levels of mercury in some drinking water.
c ) the amount of a feeling that you feel:
level of: I fully understand the level of anger felt by the victims' families.
Many people have to cope with very high levels of stress at work.
2. ) count or uncount the standard of someone's ability:
He went on to study mathematics at university level.
This will be her first opportunity to play at an international level.
This is an excellent book for advanced level students.
a ) the job that someone has in a company or organization, which shows how senior they are:
He came into the firm at junior management level.
There will be no raises for workers at secretarial level and below.
b ) the place that someone has in a society, which shows how rich or important they are:
These social changes will affect everyone, at all levels of society.
3. ) count or uncount a part or stage in a system that has several parts or stages:
Decisions should be taken at local, not national, level.
by the time children reach secondary school level
4. ) count or uncount one of the floors in a building:
a garage at basement level
5. ) count a tool for measuring how flat something is
6. ) count or uncount a particular height:
Raise both arms to shoulder level.
7. ) count a way of understanding or expressing something:
The story can be understood on several different levels.
on the level INFORMAL
on a personal level
used when you are talking about how something affects you:
I get along with Frank very well on a personal level, but we just can't work together!
stoop/descend to someone's level
to behave in the same bad way that someone else is behaving
lev|el 2 [ `levl ] adjective **
▸ 1 flat (and smooth)
▸ 2 at the same height
▸ 3 not behind or in front
▸ 4 equal in competition
▸ 5 not changed in amount
▸ 6 steady and calm
1. ) flat, not sloping up or down:
We found a nice level spot for a picnic under some pine trees.
a ) flat and smooth:
If the surface isn't level, the ball won't roll properly.
b ) flat, not pushed up into a round shape:
a level teaspoon/tablespoon: Add two level teaspoons of salt.
2. ) at the same height:
They stood next to each other so that their shoulders were level.
level with: My head was level with George's chin.
3. ) next to someone or something, not behind them or farther forward than them:
Make sure the edges are level before you glue them together.
level with: For most of the race he was level with the leader.
draw level (with): She slowed down as she drew level with the house.
4. ) equal in a competition:
At half time the two teams were level.
level with: The Mets are now level with Atlanta in their division.
5. ) used for describing amounts that have not become more or less:
Gas prices have remained level for the last few months.
6. ) steady and calm:
She spoke in a level tone of voice.
He looked at her with a level gaze.
your (dead) level best
if you do your level best, you try to do something as well as you can:
I tried my dead level best to get her to stay.
lev|el 3 [ `levl ] (past tense and past participle lev|eled or lev|elled; present participle lev|el|ing or lev|el|ling) verb transitive *
1. ) to make something flat:
Level the ground carefully before you start to pour the cement.
2. ) to destroy a building or group of buildings:
Hundreds of houses were leveled by the tornado.
3. ) to make something equal
level the playing field
to make a situation fair for all the people involved in it
`level at phrasal verb transitive
1. ) level something at someone to point a weapon at someone:
Andy leveled the revolver at me menacingly.
2. ) level at or level against level something at/against someone to criticize or accuse someone:
Several criticisms have been leveled at the company's board of directors.
Some serious allegations have been leveled against the bank.
,level `off or ,level `out phrasal verb
1. ) transitive to make something flat:
The ground will have to be leveled off before we can start building.
2. ) intransitive to stop sloping or moving up or down:
The road levels out as you get close to the coast.
The airplane will level off at around 35,000 feet.
3. ) intransitive to stop becoming more or less, and remain the same:
Oil prices should level out now that the war is over.
`level with phrasal verb transitive INFORMAL
level with someone to be honest with someone

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.

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